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I am using the following formula to find duplicates on multiple worksheets, but I am getting an error:

=countif(sheet1B:B,sheet2B:B) I put the formula in column c of sheet 1 and the data is in column b for both sheets.

The error I get is #NAME?

I figure I am doing this wrong, so any help is appreciated. I am using Excel 2010. Is there a better way to do this comparison for both sheet1 and sheet2?

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Countif uses a single item as the comparison, so you could use =countif(sheet1!B:B,sheet2!B1) but not a range for the second item.

You could use =countif(sheet1!B:B,sheet2!B1) to count the entries, drag it down to fill in the values - any result of 1 means that is unique, and other result means there are duplicates.

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