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I am trying to practice with objective c- iphone development. But i am stuck. I don't learn development by books only from tutorials and these websites.

I want a really simple thing for some IOS developers but i can't find how to do this:

I made in storyboard the layout of my application. Now i want to add events on the buttons. I found on google that it is easy to drag and drop to add a action.


But when i do that nothing happens. I do the same as what they say but still i don't see the add outlet. How can i do that?

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You have to drag from the storyboard to a .h file.

In the storyboard you have a UIViewController with a button, that UIViewController has a class, you have to drag from the buttom, with the right button, to the .h of the same class the ViewController is.

If you have the assistant editor active, there is a icon like a smoking, click it, set to automatic and then select the .h.

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