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Images will not center with vertical align for me, as it seems they should. I am coding for IE7 in quirks mode only (unfortunately). My code is below. Anyone know why this wouldn't vertically align

<div style="height:500px; width 500px; line-height:500px; background-color:Green; vertical-align:middle;">
   <img src="./images/load.gif" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>
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If you want to vertically align your image within the div you should do the following:

div {

div img {
    margin-top:-XXXpx; /* where XXX is half the height of the image */
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You can make the image a background image instead and then center the background with something like the following:

<div style="height:500px; width 500px; line-height:500px; background: green url('/images/load.gif') left center no-repeat ; "></div>
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