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I am trying to allow users to select multiple records to destroy in my rails 3 app.

I have a check_box_tag in my products index as follows:

 <td><%= check_box_tag "product_ids_destroy[]", %></td>

And added a submit tag in my index:

<%= submit_tag "Delete Selected" %>

And in my products controller I created a method:

  def destroy_select
    product_ids = params["product_ids_destroy"]
    objs = Product.find(:all, :conditions => [" IN (?)", product_ids])
    objs.each { |o| o.destroy}

And defined my routes.rb:

  resources :products do
    collection do
      delete 'destroy_select'

The method works in console. How do I "connect" the product_ids I collect from my index to the controller method to destroy each record? Can I add the method as an option in the submit tag? Also, if I wanted to add a confirm before destroy, do I add this to my submit tag?

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check your routes using

bundle exec rake routes

then on your form you can set the action of the form to that named route and the method to delete

you can do a tiny refactor of your controller's action

def destroy_select
  Product.destroy_all(params["product_ids_destroy"]) unless params["product_ids_destroy"].blank?
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To hook that form submission into the right action in your controller, you're going to have to make the form use the DELETE method. That option (:method => :delete) has to be set in your form_for or form_tag function call.

You can hook your confirmation message onto the submit_tag itself, though. Check out the :confirm => 'My message?' option in the docs.

Hope that helps!

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