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I am trying to persist this class into mongodb using Morphia,

public class A {  
    private String id;  
    private int[][][] param = {{{0,0},{1,1}}, {{2,2},{3,3}}};  

The int array param is saved as

[ { "className" : "[[I"} , { "className" : "[[I"}]

No data is saved and obviously I cannot load the object. The interesting thing is that if I put the int array in a Map, like Map.put("param", param), the Map is persisted fine and the array is saved as

[ [ [ 0 , 0] , [ 1 , 1]] , [ [ 2 , 2] , [ 3 , 3]]]

My question is, can I persist a multi dimensional array field with Morphia? And if yes, what is the best way?

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