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This is a bit of a time-sensitive/emergency problem. I have some R code that involves a number of SQL queries using the RODBC package. This code runs every morning on a dedicated Linux server - it pulls down some data, does some statistics, and inserts the data back into an MSSQL DB.

Today, our sysarch upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04.1, and since then, I'm having a bunch of problems with ODBC. After making a few changes, we got it so that ODBC connections can be established, but now there's an even bigger problem. Basically, I'm getting error messages from RODBC every time I do a CREATE or DROP command, even though the identified tables are created/dropped. Example (bts.connect is the result of odbcConnect([connection information])):

> sqlQuery(bts.connect, "SELECT OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#tempscores')")
1 1050250967

So the #tempscores table exists

> sqlQuery(bts.connect, "DROP TABLE #tempscores")
[1] "[RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect 'DROP TABLE #tempscores'"

Even though it exists, we “can’t” drop it

> sqlQuery(bts.connect, "SELECT OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#tempscores')")
1 NA

But we have dropped it.

> sqlQuery(bts.connect, "CREATE TABLE #tempscores (dummy int)")
[1] "[RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect 'CREATE TABLE #tempscores (dummy int)'"

We also can’t create it, but it exists and we can SELECT from it:

sqlQuery(bts.connect, "SELECT OBJECT_ID('tempdb.dbo.#tempscores')") 1 1066251024 sqlQuery(bts.connect, "SELECT * FROM #tempscores") [1] dummy <0 rows> (or 0-length row.names)

I'm at wits' end, and I really need this to run successfully tomorrow morning for a client. Anybody have any idea what could be causing this strange behavior?

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Some of the "emergency" is done... I took out the part of my code that stop()'d if RODBC threw an error, and it ran to completion. This is clearly a terrible long-term solution, though... –  Andrew Sannier Aug 29 '12 at 21:32
Are you sure this is a problem with R/RODBC? Have you tried these commands from another client (e.g. Squirrel)? Did you try reinstalling R and/or RODBC? –  Joshua Ulrich Aug 29 '12 at 21:56
I have done these same queries on the same connect string in MSSQL Server and isql - no issues. I've reinstalled R to no avail, and am just about to reinstall RODBC and likely dependent packages. –  Andrew Sannier Aug 29 '12 at 22:04
@JoshuaUlrich: Just reinstalled RODBC... no change, though. –  Andrew Sannier Aug 29 '12 at 22:07
What driver are you using to access MS SQL Server from linux? Perhaps that needs to be reinstalled or rolled back? –  Joshua Ulrich Aug 29 '12 at 22:08

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