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I need to concatenate a string into a file through a command that is a single valued argument to a script:

defining sample text: TEXT="sample text"

defining characteristic script : $1

desired usage (to be corrected): ./ "echo $TEXT >> test.log"

desired output in test.log ... (previous contents) sample text

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Do you mean append "sample text" to every line? Or at the end of the last line? Or as a new line after the last line? Does it matter whether the last line already has a line terminator? I think you will find answers to all of these in Google as soon as you manage to formulate the problem in well-recognized terms. – tripleee Aug 29 '12 at 21:46

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You can use eval command in your file:

eval $1

It will generate test.log with "sample text" in the last line. Be aware that anything you pass to script will be executed. So, if your user passes "rm -r /home/alan/papers", everything in your papers folder will be deleted.

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