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I want Lucene Scoring function to have no bias based on the length of the document. This is really a follow up question to Calculate the score only based on the documents have more occurance of term in lucene

I was wondering how Field.setOmitNorms(true) works? I see that there are two factors that make short documents get a high score:

  1. "boost" that shorter length posts - using doc.getBoost()
  2. "lengthNorm" in the definition of norm(t,d)

Here is the documentation

I was wondering - if I wanted no bias towards shorter documents, is Field.setOmitNorms(true) enough?

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Look into custom Similarity implementations (derive from DefaultSimilarity and override LengthNorm, Tf, Idf and other functions used for score calculations), it may help you to understand the process further. –  Simon Svensson Sep 1 '12 at 6:05
We had the same effect and it worked well with Field.setOmitNorms(true) setting the similarity to searcher.setSimilarity(new DefaultSimilarity() { @Override public float tf(float freq) { return 1; } }); this switched off counting terms and taking document length into account. –  fricke Oct 17 '14 at 21:37

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Shorter docs are meant to be more relevant when you use TF-IDF scoring.

You can use your custom scoring functions in Lucene. Its easy to customize the scoring algorithm. Subclass DefaultSimilarity and override the method you want to customize.

There's a code sample here that will help you implement it

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