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I can't find any reference on funcionality to perform Johansen cointegration test in any Python module dealing eith statistics and time series analysis (pandas and statsmodel). Does anybpdy know if there's some code around that can perform such a test for cointegration among time series? Thanks for your help,


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statsmodels doesn't have a Johansen cointegration test. And, I have never seen it in any other python package either.

statsmodels has VAR and structural VAR, but no VECM (vector error correction models) yet.


As Wes mentioned, there is now a pull request for Johansen's cointegration test for statsmodels. I have translated the matlab version in LeSage's spatial econometrics toolbox and wrote a set of tests to verify that we get the same results. It should be available in the next release of statsmodels.

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github.com/statsmodels/statsmodels/pull/453 didn't get merged ... –  gliptak Jan 19 at 21:05

See http://github.com/statsmodels/statsmodels/pull/453

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thanks Wes! Maurizio –  mspadaccino Sep 9 '12 at 20:16

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