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I have an asp.net web page named "Details.aspx". In that I have two labels named: "First Name" and "Last Name". I have two textbox for inserting values. I have a button named "Print" When I click on Print button,how can i print the values entered in the textbox.

For eg:The final print should look like:-

Your First Name Is:Mathew
Your Last Name Is:Thomas

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I am guessing that you are getting down-voted due to lack of code depicting what you have already tried. ;) –  IAbstract Aug 29 '12 at 22:32

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What you can do is have a printer-friendly version of your page which has the content in the desired format When you click on the Print button, open that page in a new window (you can use the window.open JavaScript). Inside that page, call the window.print JavaScript function which will bring up the browser's Print dialog box.

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