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I am trying to continuously stream data from webserver to browser using playframework. I created a sample code based from example documentation

Here is the snippet of code I have

public static WebSocket<String> sockHandler() {
    return new WebSocket<String>() {
        // called when the websocket is established
        public void onReady(WebSocket.In<String> in, final WebSocket.Out<String> out) {
            // register a callback for processing instream events
            in.onMessage(new F.Callback<String>() {
                public void invoke(String event) {

            int i = 0;
                Logger.info("Sending message ");
                }catch (Exception e){
                   Logger.error("Exception " ,e);

                out.write("Sending message " + i++ + "\n");


On the browser, the messages written to out is not received immediately after each iteration. Messages are received in browsers all at once after while loop completes.

Is there a way to flush out stream after each iteration..? Or is there a better example/documentation to stream live data from websocket server to browser..?

Thanks, Raja.

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I strongly advise you to take a look at this sample.

It uses Websockets and Akka actors. The Actor system is not very difficult to understand, the Akka documentation is a good place to start !

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