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I just want to implement a status dialog. How to show a JDialog which blocks the user input but allow the parent window processing its own work?

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You can use a modal JDialog or JOptionPane (which really is nothing more than a specialized modal JDialog) for this, just be sure to

  • the work is not to be done in a parent "window"
  • but rather it should be done in a background thread
  • and this thread should be started prior to setting the dialog visible.
  • Use a SwingWorker for this background thread, and then your dialog can display quantitative progress information by adding a PropertyChangeListener and having the SwingWorker update its progress property.
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PropertyChangeListener to what ?? –  Sanjeev Aug 29 '12 at 22:52
@sanjeev to the SwingWorker it will fire progress property changed events (you need to examine the PropertyChangeEvent for the property name –  MadProgrammer Aug 29 '12 at 23:30

JOptionPane with JOptionPane.showXXXDialog(); static methods, what else ?

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You can create and customize different kind of dialog using JOptionPane. Have a look at JOptionPane Features. Also, have to look at

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