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I have the following relation of three classes:

    public class User{

       List<Attribute> attributes = new ArrayList<Attribute>();

    public class Attribute{
       AttributeType attributeType;


    public class AttributeType{

       String type;

One user can have n attributes of m types.

I need to create HQL query which will return all Atribute Types List<AttributeType> of specific user attributes.

For example user has attribute a of type t, atribute b of type t and attribute c of type t1. I need to return List<AttributeType> which will contain t and t1.

Please help. I just got lost in this query.

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You shall map Attribute to User many to one relation, so the following query is what you need:

select distinct atr.attributeType
  from Attribute atr
 where atr.user = :user

I think the following query will work too:

select distinct atrs.attributeType
  from User as user
  join user.attributes as atrs   
 where = :user_id
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