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I just installed Eclipse EE Juno (4.2) and a whole slew of plugins for it. I am now attempting to install the Google plugin (GAE and GWT) and am getting an error when adding the update site through Juno's Install new software window:

Name: Google-Plugin

When I try to enter this I get:

Could not find

I see this question from a few months ago. Although I am having a very similar problem, I think I have a different problem altogether.

When I change the Location to, I get the same error (except with 3.7 appended on the end of the error message instead of 4.2). I definitely have Internet access (how else would I be posting this question?!) so that's not the issue. If this was only working for the 4.2 plugin, I would happily try the "workaround" mentioned in the other post, or even step back down to Eclipse 3.7 (I have to have this plugin!) until 4.2 was working. But the fact that it's not even working for 3.7 tells me that something else is awrye here. Thanks in advance!


Just to mess around with things, I have downloaded Indigo (3.7) and immediately attempted to install the Google-Eclipse plugin. I entered the following for my update site:

And received a nasty error:

Artifact not found:
Artifact not found:

Am I going crazy here?!?! I've installed my fair share of Eclipse plugins and never had this much trouble. Especially from Google. And I know its not my Internet connection or my Eclipse instance because before I attempted to install the Google plugin, I installed Subversive, IvyDE and EclEmma...

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A little too late but in my case, the corporate web filter was blocking it. – pakman Feb 20 '13 at 0:57
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It was also broken for me a little while ago, but seems to be working now. Maybe the site was down for a bit?

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Thanks @X24 - I just made an edit - link seems to be broken for 3.7 as well - any thoughts? I'm losing my mind here! – IAmYourFaja Aug 29 '12 at 23:42
@4herpsand7derpsago: I've literally just installed it successfully (using I'd suggest giving it another try. – X24 Aug 29 '12 at 23:53
Yep - worked that time (about 10th try)... I can't wait to start developing for GAE, I'm now extremely confident in their 99.95% SLA uptime! :-) – IAmYourFaja Aug 30 '12 at 0:17

You can try installing the plugin from archive as described in the link:

Basically what you are doing is, you download the plugin as a zip(archive) and browse this archive instead of update site, during the plugin installation.

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