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I have an Android library project (Properties > Android > IsLibrary checked) that pulls in an external file (C++ shared library), and packages it along with all the class files into a jar. With Eclipse, everything works fine, but with ant, the jar file only contains class files and not the shared library. Is there a way to modify build.xml to include the external file?

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The way to do this is apparently to create with paths to both Java source, and C++ library:


However, this doesn't work in the current Android SDK, and the workaround is to modify build.xml by adding the following:

<target name="-pre-clean">
    <delete dir="tmp" />
<target name="-pre-build">
    <copy todir="tmp">
        <fileset dir="path-to-dir" includes="**" />
    <copy todir="tmp">
        <fileset dir="src" includes="**" />

and create with:

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