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Below are my models. To describe it in words, a 'Show' has 'Crew'. 'Crew' is made up of 'People'. Association between 'Show' and 'People' in 'Crew' can be either of type 'Actor' or 'Other'. I have tokens coming in from a autocomplete UI on 'Show' form where 'People' are filled in either 'Actor' field, or 'Other' field.

QUESTION: In the actor_tokens=(ids) and actor_tokens=(ids) methods in the 'Show' model, where i am saving the tokens coming in, How do I save the relationships as 'actor' or 'other'??

All associations saved from actor_tokens=(ids) should be of type 'actor' and All associations saved from other_tokens=(ids) should be of type 'other' and

I am looking for a elegant solution to match the use of *collection_singular_ids=ids* to save my tokens.

Crew Model

class Crew < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :show
  belongs_to :person

  attr_accessor  :type    #this can be 'actor'  'other' string


Person Model

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
          attr_accessible :first_name, :handle, :last_name
          has_many :crews
          has_many :shows, :through => :crews


Show Model

 class Show < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :handle, :name, :crew_tokens
      has_many :crews
      has_many :people, :through => :crews

      attr_reader :actor_tokens

      def actor_tokens=(ids)
        self.person_ids = ids.split(",")
            #----->associate tokens coming in here as type = 'actor'

      def other_tokens=(ids)
        self.person_ids = ids.split(",")
            #----->associate tokens coming in here as type = 'other'


PS: Please suggest a better title for this post!


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You can't use collection_singular_ids= to create new Crew instances the way you're wanting. ids_writer accepts only a list of valid, already existing ids; you can't specify other attributes through this method.

Instead you can build the Crew instances, specifying the :person_id and :type as necessary, and associate them back to the instance of Show.

def actor_tokens(ids)
  create_crews_from_ids(ids, :actor)

def other_tokens=(ids)
  create_crews_from_ids(ids, :other)


  def create_crews_from_ids(ids, type)
    ids = ids.split(",").each do |id|
      crews.create({ person_id: id, type: type })
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This is not working. I get an error 'You cannot call create unless the parent is saved'! –  Shaunak Aug 30 '12 at 21:15
You'd have to use new instead of create to deal with a Show that's not persisted. –  Deefour Aug 30 '12 at 21:26
but then how will that affect future updates? suppose the record is updated and saved what happens to old tokens? –  Shaunak Aug 30 '12 at 21:28

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