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In my effort to continuously improve myself, I decided to learn about Data Mining, Statistics, Collective Intelligence and AI Algorithms, and well, that sort of stuff.

What are the free ebooks, and web resources ( tutorials, code) etc that I can use on?

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I long for the days when calling someone a Data Miner was an appropriate insult. – Sinan Ünür Aug 2 '09 at 12:09

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You may have a look at

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This one is a good primer:

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You should be able to find pdf versions of:

  • Programming Collective Intelligence (Toby Segaran)
  • Visualizing Data (Ben Fry)

Highly recommended.

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Stanford has two data mining courses on YouTube. search "machine learning" and "data mining"

MIT has a free online data mining course at. Google "MIT OCW"

also: Google "kdnuggets data mining course"


Opensource Software:

RapidMiner R with Rattle

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