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In the website on which I'm working, users may send messages to each other. I want users to be able to use text-style tags such as < b > , < i > , and < u > to make text bold, italic and underlined respectively. But, in fact, I don't want to be XSSed with those < script > tags. Or perhaps a < b > with a mouseover attribute.

What's the easiest and the most secure way to do so?

I'm using django and jQuery if that matters.

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If you really want to use HTML tags, you should consider using Bleach.

>>> evil = "This <script>...</script> is partly <b>evil</b>"
>>> bleach.clean(evil)
u'This &lt;script&gt;...&lt;/script&gt; is partly <b>evil</b>'

With clean you can explicitly whitelist the tags you want to allow. By using strip you also strip unallowed tags instead of escaping them:

>>> evil = "This uses <i>i</i> and <b title='hovertext'>b</b> and <em>em</em>"
>>> bleach.clean(evil, tags=["b"], attributes=dict(), strip=True)
u'This uses i and <b>b</b> and em'
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Don't allow tags. Instead use one of the markup languages supported by Django which do not permit XSS attacks in the first place.

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Thank you. A super clean and smart solution. – Pro.Hessam Sep 1 '12 at 5:28

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