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I bought the Second Edition of this Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats (ISBN 1-56592-161-5) at Amazon as Brand New, but it came without the companion CD (something highly unexpected).

I have been looking for the companion CD-ROM in case I get no compensation at Amazon, as I have understood that it can be legally distributed under Creative Commons (at least the First Edition) and I have only found the CD-ROM for the First Edition at the Internet Archive:

Companion CD, First Edition, 1994, at

I have also found several sites, apparently with the contents of the Second Edition, but not specifically the CD-ROM, which is what I only care about.

Does anybody know where can I (obviously legally) find the companion CD-ROM for the Second Edition, and how much of a difference there is in the included source code and file format specifications from those of the First Edition?

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I found the original contents of the Second Edition at its official FTP address:

Second Edition (FTP):

Second Edition (HTTP):

You must basically download all of the files at that URL and save them locally. Then, you must change the URL directory to and you must merge all of those contents with what you already downloaded. Merge without changing directories nor creating a CDROM directory.

Then, for Windows, you need to use the GFF.exe file from and replace the one in the installation directory, or else the Mosaic viewer won't find any HTML files for the digital version, included in all that we downloaded.

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