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As the title suggests, I am trying to create a folder on Android, but all of the slashes have been removed from it.

For some more background information:

Specifically, I am trying to create a directory to store my application's users' files. These files must be accessible to the user from a file manager (such as File Manager HD) because the application does not support full file management. Using the standard from API level 8+, I reference the root of the publicly accessible folder with Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(). I then try to create a folder located at DCIM > Sketchbook > [the name of the sketch] using File.mkdirs(). For more information, see the code below.

I have already:

  • checked to make sure that the SD card is mounted, readable, and writable
  • enabled the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • tried using File.mkdir() for every file in the hierarchy up to the folder location
  • tried using /, \\, File.separatorChar, and File.separator as folder separators


boolean success = true;

//The public directory
File publicDir = Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM);
//The location of the sketchbook
File sketchbookLoc = new File(publicDir + "Sketchbook" + File.separator);
//The location of the sketch
//getGlobalState().getSketchName() returns the name of the sketch: "sketch"
File sketchLoc = new File(sketchbookLoc + getGlobalState().getSketchName() + File.separator);

if(!sketchLoc.mkdirs()) success = false;

//Notify the user of whether or not the sketch has been saved properly
    ((TextView) findViewById(R.id.message)).setText(getResources().getText(R.string.sketch_saved));
    ((TextView) findViewById(R.id.message)).setText(getResources().getText(R.string.sketch_save_failure));

With various incarnations of the aforementioned tests (the ones that actually worked), I have received a consistent result: I get a new folder in DCIM whose name corresponds to the combination of all of the folders that should have been hierarchical parents of it. In other words, I have created a new directory, but all of the folder separators have been removed from it.

Now, I ask you:

  • Am I attempting to save the user data in the correct location? Is there another way that I should be doing this?
  • Is it even possible to create new folders in the DCIM folder? Does Android prevent it?
  • Is this problem specific to me? Is anyone else able to create a folder in the DCIM folder?
  • Am I using the right folder separators?
  • Is there something else that I am absolutely, completely, and utterly missing?

Now that I am done typing, and you are done reading my (excessively long) question, I hope that I can find some sort of answer. If you need clarification or more information, please say so.

EDIT: An example of the created folder is "DCIMSketchbooksketch", where it should be "DCIM/Sketchbook/sketch".

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don't use

File sketchbookLoc = new File(publicDir + "Sketchbook" + File.separator);


File sketchbookLoc = new File(publicDir , "Sketchbook");

because publicDir.toString() will not end with a file separator (even if you declared it that way). toString() gives the canonical name of the file.

So your source becomes :

//The location of the sketchbook
File sketchbookLoc = new File(publicDir , "Sketchbook" );
//The location of the sketch
File sketchLoc = new File(sketchbookLoc , getGlobalState().getSketchName() );
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This was exactly the sort of trick that I was looking for... thank you! –  calsign Aug 30 '12 at 13:09
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