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<XM1L ID="Update"><%= HdrXML.xml %></X1ML>
<script language="Javascript">
    var xslPath = "../Naven.xsl";
    var x = OrchGenericObj.TranformSP(Update.innerHTML,xslPath);
    document.write (x);

I have code like above. In IE10 Update.innerHTML its giving all the js code including HdrXML.xml because of this i am not able to load the xml but same code working fine in all other versions of IE...In Other versions when i do the Update.innerHTML it gives me only HdrXML.enter code herexml thats wat i wanted... any idea why such behavoiur in IE10..

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The opening tag XM1L does not match your closing tag X1ML. You should also be using this line:

 var x = OrchGenericObj.TranformSP(document.getElementById("Update").innerHTML, xslPath);
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