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In Xcode 4.4's description, it said:

  • In Objective-C @synthesize command is generated by default when using properties.

It means: I do not need to write @synthesize any more OR Xcode would auto-fill @synthesize for me?

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You don't need to write @synthesize anymore - just try it yourself!

Article reference:

With Xcode 4.4 and LLVM Compiler 4.0 the @synthesize directive is no longer required as it will be provided by default. That means in most cases you now only need the @property and the compiler takes care of everything else for you.

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Yes. Here is Apple's publication covering it Objective-C Feature Availability Index which states:

Default synthesis of @property instance variables and accessor methods: Xcode 4.4 (LLVM Compiler 4.0)

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