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I want something like

> ADD FILE <directory_path>;

which adds a directory to working directory of hive.

I am using hive 0.7.
I need this for addding python packages to be used by mapper/reducer scripts.
What are my options?

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For 0.7.1 you can use the shell escape (!) to run !hadoop fs -mkdir <path> or the "dfs" command dfs -mkdir <path>. See the cli wiki page for more info. Not sure if these are in 0.7 or not.

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This doesn't work. I nned the directory to be appended to distributed cache to be used by mapper reducer scripts in hive –  Nullpoet Apr 11 '13 at 11:29
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What worked for me is zipping all the content (directory/files) to a zip file and using 'ADD ARCHIVE ' as explained in Add multiple files to distributed cache in HIVE

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