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I'm trying to code a music player in Vaadin. I'm using its built in Audio component.

The way I want this to work is that I select a file in a tree and it plays that audio file.

I set the correct source file in my tree handler:

Tree tree = new Tree();
    FilesystemContainer container = new FilesystemContainer(file);

tree.addListener(new Property.ValueChangeListener() {

        public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {

            File file = (File) event.getProperty().getValue();
            FileResource resource = new FileResource(file, application);

However, I must refresh the page manually for this to work. How can I make the audio component pick up the new source without refreshing the page?

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Sounds like a limitation of the HTML5 audio-element or the browser in question.

As a workaround you can try to remove and add a new audio component. This is very light-weight operation and should not cause any additional overhead.

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I have just tried this, doesn't work. – Nefron Aug 30 '12 at 14:02
Sorry, I refined the workaround approach a bit. What I see important here is that the DOM tree actually changes and I'm not sure if the re-adding (the same) component really does that. Creating a new audio component definitely does this. If not already, try this out. At least this should, it tell you something about the cause. – eeq Aug 31 '12 at 6:08

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