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I have a Map declared as

    Map<Integer,List<String>> parameter_map=new LinkedHashMap<Integer,List<String>>();

I want to fetch the value of the list depending on the key value. How can I do this .Please help.

Thank you

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-1 What have you tried and what tutorials/documentation did you read that failed to help you? –  Paul Bellora Aug 30 '12 at 3:44

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Use .get().

Integer value = new Integer(3);
List<String> aList = parameter_map.get(value);
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I want to fetch the list depending on the key.How will this help me do so? –  Soham Aug 30 '12 at 3:42
Maps work as key-value pairs. Whatever key you use would result in the appropriate value being retrieved. –  Makoto Aug 30 '12 at 3:45

In your case, the map is containing the following values.

parameter_map.put(1, <first instance of arrayList>);
parameter_map.put(2, <second instance of arrayList>);

SO in order to get the value of value from the map, you need to use:

List<String> al = parameter_map.get(1); 

In order to get the value from this array list, you need to iterate over it.

  for(String s: al)
  System.out.println(" list value " + s);

Hope this will help you.

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