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I'm a newbie when it comes to LDAP. I need to setup a basic ldap server for User authentication/authorization from a Java Application. From what I gather it's going to be a small deployment so I was asked for something simple, light and if possible a server that uses XML as a backend.

Can you suggest any possible servers that meet this criteria? I haven't been able to find any that even mentions XML as a backend. Does this exist? I only found that OpenLDAP support a backend built on plain text LDIF files.

==== EDIT ==== I miss phrased the above regarding OpenLDAP and its backend support. I meant that the only server that I was able to find to [easily] support plain text files was OpenLDAP (stated openly in the documentations I researched). ==== END EDIT ====

Any general pointers on ldap, which product to use, etc is appreciated. I was planning to use the UnboundID API to talk to the server; I haven't decided on what server to use yet (probably ApacheDS).

Thanks in advance.

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I only found that OpenLDAP support a backend built on plain text LDIF files.

This is seriously untrue. OpenLDAP supports quite a few backends including BDB, LDIF, SQL, another LDAP server, relay, passwd, null, ...

XML isn't among them but XML would be a poor choice anyway.

What's the problem with using a BDB backend for example?

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Yes, I know that OpenLDAP supports several different backends, sorry for being unclear. What I meant was that OpenLDAP was the only one that I could find that stated to support plain text LDIF as a backend. Also ApacheDS basically supports anything as a storage mechanism or can even be backed in memory but you have to implement the partition yourself. I don't know the reason for wanting to use XML as a backend, that's what I was requested. – user1294431 Aug 30 '12 at 17:06

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