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After installing RedCloth, I can not run any "rake" -tasks.

I get:

rake aborted! uninitialized constant Gem::Specification::PLATFORM_CROSS_TARGETS

Here's output of rake routes --trace


  • Rake - 0.8.4
  • Rails - 2.3.2
  • Ruby - 1.8.7
  • RedCloth - 4.2.2
  • Gem - 1.3.5

the Rakefile:

require(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'config', 'boot'))

require 'rake'
require 'rake/testtask'
require 'rake/rdoctask'

require 'tasks/rails'`

Anyone else had the same problem? Any solutions?

Thanks Stackoverflow.

edit: added line:

Gem::Specification::PLATFORM_CROSS_TARGETS = ["aix", "cygwin", "darwin", "freebsd", "hpux", "java", "linux", "mingw", "mswin", "netbsdelf", "openbsd", "solaris", "_platform", "jruby"]

to file ./vendor/plugins/redcloth/lib/tasks/pureruby.rake and I think that fixed it. Don't know if that was the best solution.. but it works.

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I can't say 100% sure, but based on the information you have set forth and the general look of the message you are putting on the screen, it sounds like you are having a problem.

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I have no idea why, but I really agree with this post. – dingalingchickenwiing Jun 12 '12 at 1:13

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