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is there a way to prevent the reciever from selecting and copying the contents of the pdf file in dompdf?

like those other pdf files that looks like a picture when you open it, all the letters and images are unselectable?

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There are probably ways to do it, but they are all circumventable. Worst case: OCR will solve the problem. So just think about how badly you really need this. – deceze Aug 30 '12 at 10:09
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You can use the underlying CPDF engine to specify what the user can do with the document. Per the CPDF documentation:

Calling [the setEncryption()] function sets up the document to be encrypted, this is the only way to mark the document so that they user cannot use cut and paste, or printing.

Using the call without options, defaults to preventing the user from cut & paste or printing. There are no passwords require to open the document.

Setting either off the passwords will mean that the user will have to enter a password to open the document. If the owner password is entered when the document is opened then the user will be able to print etc. If the two passwords are set to be the same (or the owner password is left blank) then there is no owner password, and the document cannot be opened in the accesible mode.

The pc array can be used to allow specific actions. The following example, sets an owner password, a user password, and allows printing and cut & paste.


Using the above example, with dompdf you would first render the document, then issue something along the lines of the following:


(original on Google Groups)

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