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I have the following in my user/Preferences.sublime-settings

    "tab_size": 2,

And most of the time it works. But once in a while I open a ruby file, and it jumped back to 4 spaces. I'm wondering if there is some bug or slight difference in opening a file that could change this?

Having trouble tracking this down. Thanks for the help.

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You'll want to add:

"detect_indentation": false

This is on by default and ST is trying to be smart detecting the indentation of your current file, overloading the user or syntax specific default.

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Here are various Sublime Text 2 tab settings explained:

  • Note that the tab setting may be per file type

  • There is also autodetect from file enabled by default and your source code file may contain bad tabbing

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the auto-detect feature was my problem. my second line was indented 4 spaces by mistake so the tab size switched to 4. fixed the indentation and my problem was solved. – spudly Mar 26 '13 at 15:37

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