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I have a project that contains a number of DLL files that contain Form resources which all go through translation/localisation (l10n).

For example, a DLL includes SomeForm.cs, which includes plenty of code functionality. The DLL also contains tranlsated versions of SormForm: SomeForm.resx, and SomeForm.ja.resx (Default Language, French and Japanese translations).

The localisation group has asked for all of the resources to be placed into one library to reduce their overhead.

How can I move the form resources to a single DLL whilst keeping the code that implements the form in it's current DLL?

I don't want to move the functionality/code to a single DLL, which I think is what's being suggested here: Moving form resource files to a resource dll

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Satellite Assemblies

Satellite assemblies are dll's which only contain resource files.

MSDN Article is very confusing. This article should give you a good understanding about the concept.

Edit: Dynamic Layout for windows forms.

How to: Support Localization on Windows Forms Using AutoSize and the TableLayoutPanel Control

Walkthrough: Creating a Layout That Adjusts Proportion for Localization

Code Listing How to: Design a Windows Forms Layout that Responds Well to Localization

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I am using satellite assemblies, which are built from the translated resx files in the project. Having read that article, and reviewed the authors sample code, I see that he's not actually moved the forms resources directly - i.e. the Form doesn't use Localizable=True and the Language=XYZ etc. Is it possible to move the form resources with Localizable=True? Or do I need to update all my forms to be based Localizable=False and set the UI elements contents from a string table etc.? This approach doesn't allow for different sized forms or layout differences between languages (for example) – user1079741 Aug 30 '12 at 5:51
I don't think can be packaged into a new custom dll. RESX files are not a good solution for an adjustable layout. TableLayoutPanel is. Answer is updated. – Aseem Gautam Aug 30 '12 at 6:11
Thank you, that's very helpful – user1079741 Aug 30 '12 at 6:36

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