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I have seen many asking how to insert custom Fields in Wordpress post? Even though plugins are available nothing is a single-click solution.We need to do a bit of adjustments to make it work.Today I ended up doing that to improve the appearance and usability of my theme as it didn't have those built in options.Since,I struggled a lot to make it work I thought of sharing it here.

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Here are the main steps:

Install the Custom Field Template. Navigate to Appearance > Editor and include this code snippet in your functions.php file:

function getCustomField($theField) {
    global $post;
    $block = get_post_meta($post->ID, $theField);
        foreach(($block) as $blocks) {
            echo $blocks;

Configure the custom fields by going to Settings > Custom Field Template, expand the template content section, and add something like this:

[Day Number]
type = text
size = 10
output = true

Note: Unless you add output = true, the custom fields won’t work.

Go to Appearance > Editor and add this code into the template (such as single.php) where you want the value of the custom field to appear:

To add a conditional statement around the getCustomField function (so that it only appears under certain conditions, such as the post being in a specific category), include this before the getCustomField function:

… then insert your getCustomField functions …

and then close with this: Hope this helps you.

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