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I'm looking for a matlab code to match two binary images. Something like ICP (iterative closest point) that does the rotation, translation and … to find the most points matched on each other. I couldn't find the ICP code for 2d data. Please let me know if you have the code for 2d or if you an suggest any other algorithm that does the same thing.


image samples:



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There is a file on the Mathworks File Exchange that can do ICP. You can find it here.

If you have the Image Processing toolbox, you could do image registration. It is probably simplest.

Alternatively, use the Radon transform + FFT (as found here):

FX = abs(fft(radon(X))) 
FY = abs(fft(radon(Y)))

which will give two translated matrices FX and FY. The shift between them is a good estimate for the rotation angle between the two images -- use xcorr and friends to find it. Then rotate X (or Y) by the angle thus found, followed by


to find the translation between the two images.

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You can use SPM 8 for images. It is actually made for that.

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