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I keep some LaTex course notes in github. My colleagues don't know how to use LaTex, and asked me to put the final PDF in the repo.

Keeping binary build results in a repo is generally a bad idea, and uploading the PDF as an extenal file after each push isn't convenient.

Is there a way to keep only the latest version of the PDF in the repo?

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If you're already on github, there's a panel called "Downloads" where you can add whichever file you have. There's probably an API-call for that if you want to add it to a hook for when you're pushing. You could also probably just build + copy the pdf to your dropbox account/rsync it to a common folder/use another share-my-files-API/..

You might be better off to generate the pdf + email it to them, also triggered by a hook.

If you do end up building, adding the pdf to the repo and then updating that file a lot, the repo will grow really big since the diffs it will have to hold on to will take a lot of unnecessary space.

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There's no nice and easy way to remove old versions of a file from a repository. Each commit is secure, meaning that the identifier of a commit is built using, among others, the content of each file. There are ways of rewriting the history of a git repository, but doing that completely breaks any chance of collaboration, since you're basically creating a new repository each time you rewrite the history.

An alternative is to use the git annex which was designed especially for this goal: managing large files in a small repository. Unfortunately, that's a pretty new feature, and it's not part of the official Git, so support for it isn't as good.

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