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I'm gonna be honest here: when it comes to functional programming, I never went further than reading about it or solving simple problems. Despite loving the idea of concise, easy-to-maintain source code, I never found a reason to use the paradigm. Until today: I want to implement a couple of network tools (like traceroute or ping) in Python, trying to be as "functional" as possible (with the help of scapy, functools and itertools. First, ping:

def tcp_ping(destination_ip, destination_port, n_probes=10, timeout=1):
    source_ports = [randint(49152, 65535) for i in range(n_probes)]
    probes = IP(dst=destination_ip)/TCP(sport=source_ports, dport=destination_port, flags='S')
    responses = map(partial(sr, timeout=timeout, verbose=0), probes)

    answered = filter(lambda x: len(x[0]) > 0, responses)
    lost = filter(lambda x: x not in answered, responses)
    rtts = map(lambda x: int(1000 * (x[0][0][1].time - x[0][0][0].sent_time)), answered) or [0]

    return dict(loss=float(len(lost))/n_probes,

And then, traceroute:

def takeuntil(predicate, iterable):
    for x in iterable:
        yield x
        if predicate(x):

def traceroute_probes(destination_ip, destination_port):
    ttl = 1
    while ttl <= 255:
        p = IP(dst=destination_ip, ttl=ttl)/TCP(dport=destination_port, flags='S')
        yield p
        ttl = ttl + 1

def is_finalhop(x):
    return (len(x[0]) > 0 and
            not x[0][0][1].haslayer('ICMP'))

def hop_ip_latency(x):
    if len(x[0]) > 0:
        return (x[0][0][0].ttl,
                max(0, int(1000 * (x[0][0][1].time - x[0][0][0].sent_time))))
        return (x[1][0][0].ttl, '*', 0)

def tcp_traceroute(destination_ip, destination_port, timeout=1):
    responses = takeuntil(is_finalhop,
                          imap(partial(sr, timeout=timeout, verbose=0),
    return map(hop_ip_latency, responses)

Now, the questions:

  • How can we make this code more "functional"?
  • How can I add more complexity (e.g. stopping the traceroute after three timeouts in a row) without introducing unnecessary side-effects?
  • How can I change sr (the interface to the world) behavior (e.g. varying the timeout in ping depending on the RTT) without falling into a imperative/object-oriented trap?
  • Is there a pure(r) functional language that would be adequate to implement network tools, while also forcing me to be "more functional"?
  • Who forgot to add takeuntil to Python's itertools?
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There is a takeuntil in itertools - it's called takewhile –  Yuushi Aug 30 '12 at 7:47
Wow, you sure did go all the way there. Not that I would call this being readable. OCaml is very functional; if it's just for fun, go for it. –  Michał Górny Aug 30 '12 at 7:48
takewhile takes until the condition is False, Yuushi. takeuntil takes until the condition is True - it's not the same. –  bruno nery Aug 30 '12 at 7:49
Why wouldn't you call it being readable, Michał? –  bruno nery Aug 30 '12 at 8:25
Please delete this question and ask on code review –  Mike Pennington Aug 30 '12 at 8:56

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