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Please see this page:

It looks normal in modern firefox, safari, chrome and internet explorer.

However- in ie7, it breaks the alignment...

Any clues to make this more compatible?

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as a first little step (sorry, but currently I've only a little time) you could set the height of the #HowToLanding DIV to auto. This brings the tiles in the right position.

You could do something like this:

#HowToLanding { height: 550px; *height: auto; }

Update: ...and do the same for the #Footer

#Footer { height: 150px; *height: 150px; ... }


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you can use ie7 hack on given classes :

.leftAd {*top:60px}

this thing will work fine in ie7

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Good answer dude – Carlos Aug 30 '12 at 8:38

Add yout <div id="TopAd">...</div and <div id="TopAd">...</div> indide the

<div id="HowToLanding">..</div>
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