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I'm looking for a Java library that has multiple output backends:

  • It should support OpenGL for interactive use (to get hardware acceleration)
  • It should have SVG export - preferrably using CSS for that, to allow editing in e.g. inkscape - for a good print quality
  • It must be cross-platform (Linux/Win/OSX)

Right now, I'm mostly using Apache Batik. It's quite nice: I can have listeners, use stylesheets, and export to various formats, including editable SVG. And I need to be able to fine-tune the graphics for printing. However, for some of my use cases it just gets too slow. The SVG XML DOM comes at a lot of overhead; it spends a lof of time checking CSS classes, checking for listeners, etc. - I need something faster.

I've been interested in Cairo, however it seems as if the GTK3-Cario + java-gnome toolchain is not available for Win32 yet.

Clutter is also promising, but it doesn't seem as if there are Java bindings, unfortunately. It uses OpenGL for 3D and Cairo for 2D afaict.

Do you know a library for interactive graphics with OpenGL that can alternatively export to editable SVG files?

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Maybe you should consider QT-Jambi. It's accelerated and supported on most platforms, including mobile.

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I am a GTK supporter myself but from version 3... GTK-3 is doomed to be slow and stupidly complex. –  マルちゃん だよ Jun 4 '13 at 0:59
It doesn't show any activity in 6 months now, no up to date examples either. Doesn't look mature enough for me, unfortunately. –  Anony-Mousse Jun 4 '13 at 12:17

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