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I use this prompt statement and want to pass another variable to callback function:

Normal behaviour:

Ext.MessageBox.prompt('Name', 'New folder name:', this.callbackCreateFolder);

callbackCreateFolder: function(btn, text) {
         console.log( btn ); // value as expected
         console.log( text ); // value as expected

What I want:

Ext.MessageBox.prompt('Name', 'New folder name:', this.callbackCreateFolder(oRecord));
callbackCreateFolder: function(btn, text, oRecord) {
         console.log( btn ); // undefined
         console.log( text ); // undefined
         console.log( oRecord ); // value as expected

What is the best way to pass additional parameters to the function?

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function foo(btn, text, s1, s2) {
    console.log(s1, s2);

    Ext.MessageBox.prompt('Name', 'New folder name:', Ext.Function.bind(foo, null, ['bar', 'baz'], 2));
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Thanks Ill go with that –  Indianer Aug 30 '12 at 14:25

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