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I'm developing an application for stocks displaying through finance.yahoo.com in Java using Spring framework.

But it only provides share values from NYSE, Nasdaq-NM, etc. How can I retrieve the values of share by specify NSE or BSE?

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Currently using url for retrieving data as CSV is in.finance.yahoo.com/d/… –  Jinju Joseph Aug 30 '12 at 9:37

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You can retrieve the components of BSE and NSE with these two links: http://in.finance.yahoo.com/gainers?e=bo and http://in.finance.yahoo.com/losers?e=bo (Gainers and Losers).
Once you have your full list of stocks, just use your link to retrieve data, for example:


You might want to check each ticker individually, and ensuring it does retrieve correct information though, eg SOUTHINDBSL.BO doesn't seem to work properly.

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@ Romain Thanks... –  Jinju Joseph Aug 30 '12 at 9:48
@ Romain, how to take gainers & losers list as CSV –  Jinju Joseph Sep 1 '12 at 2:03

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