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I'm just looking for a simple way to set the max width and height of the Lightbox container and image based on the window size if the image is larger than the current window size.

So say the image is 2000x1200 and the window is 1280x1024, then the max-height and max-width of and should be set to

$(window).height() - 286, $(window).width() - 60 


$(window).height() - 306, $(window).width() - 80


I'm just having a bit of trouble determining where to go about implementing these rules. Do I do it in the lightbox.js file? If so, where? Would it be acceptable to just throw in some script on the page it's used on?

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This answer isn't for lightbox only this is just general scaling of .image vs window

var $window = $(window),
    $image = $(".image");

$image.load(function() {
    var windowHeight = $window.height(),
        windowWidth = $window.width(),
        imageHeight = $image.height(),
        imageWidth = $image.width(),

        radioHeight = windowHeight/imageHeight,

        if ( radioHeight < 1 ) {
            imageHeight *= radioHeight;
            imageWidth *= radioHeight;
        radioWidth = windowWidth/imageWidth;
        if ( radioWidth < 1 ) {
            imageHeight *= radioWidth;
            imageWidth *= radioWidth;

    $image.height( imageHeight );
    $image.width( imageWidth );

And demo:

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This will not keep image ratio. You have to use something like this :

$('SELECTOR FOR YOUR IMAGE').load(function() {
    this.removeAttribute( "height" );
    this.removeAttribute( "width" ); = = "";
// on resize window 
$(window).resize(function() {

function ResizeGallery() {
    var img=$('SELECTOR FOR YOUR IMAGE');
    // remove attribute to get true size
    img.removeAttr( "height" );
    img.removeAttr( "width" );
    var w ='w');
    var h ='h'); 
    // compute maximum dimention
    var maxW = $(window).width()-300; //300= margin
    var maxH = $(window).height()-200;
    // compute zoom ratio and keep only the smallest
    // also ratio must not exceed 1
    var ratio=Math.max(1,Math.min(maxW/w, maxH/h));
    // compute new dimentions
    var newW = Math.floor(ratio*w);
    var newH = Math.floor(ratio*h);

    // apply to image
    img.css('height',newW ).css('width',newH );

assuming you're using jquery

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Right, I forgot to specify that the aspect ratio needs to be maintained, but I was hoping that was implied. I should also have mentioned that all the images will be of a fixed width and that the gallery doesn't need to adapt when the window is re-sized, only when the Lightbox is opened. I'll play around with it when I get into work tomorrow, but if in the meantime you feel like modifying your code to function when the Lightbox is opened rather than the window is re-sized, by all means. – Bobe Aug 30 '12 at 17:00

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