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I got this TS:

markers.input_readonly_b_price = CONTENT
markers.input_readonly_b_price {
        table = tx_pricelist_prices_full
        select {
          pidInList = 27
          orderBy = uid
          selectFields = uid, group_b_1_3
          # possible conditions
           where = ( hidden='0' AND deleted='0')
        renderObj = COA
        renderObj {
          1 = TEXT
          1.insertData = 1 
 = field:group_b_1_3
          2 = TEXT
          2.value = *
          3 = TEXT
          3.insertData = 1 
 = TSFE:fe_user|sesData|finish_day          
          stdWrap.prioriCalc = 1   

I need to change that TypoScript with that condition:

If on page with id 27 - pid=27 record inside will have status deleted/hidden then read data from pid=20 else (there is one record visible) read data from pid=27

On pid=20 there will be a record (always). On 'pid=27` will be one record but sometime hidden, sometime visible.

Does anyone have an idea how to set this condition?

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Try override with the condition if.empty = 1. – pgampe Aug 30 '12 at 22:47
Hi, thanks for reply. Could you give some examples? – Adrian Aug 31 '12 at 7:27

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