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I'm writing vqmod opencart modification and got one problem. There's a basic code:

<search position="after"><![CDATA[<?php echo $description; ?></div></div>]]></search>
<![CDATA[<div class="content"><h2>Testimonials</h2><div class="box-testimonial"><?php echo $description_new; ?></div></div>]]>

So What I want to do is to make some kind of conditional to display the code from only when $description_new is not empty. What will be the syntax in this vqmode code?

Thanks in advance, Arek

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ok i figured out. It seems like it's usual php syntax inside CDATA

    <![CDATA[<?php if (isset($this->data['description_new'])) { echo '<div class="content"><h2>Testimonials</h2><div class="box-testimonial">' . $description_new . '</div></div>'; } else { echo ' '; }?>]]>
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vQmod simply allows you to insert code just like you would normally into a file, but without actually touching the file contents. So yes using an if statement just like you have is fine. Also, one thing I would point out is you should use as little content as you can for the search portion, that's unique. So for your above code

echo $description;

should be enough to match. It also makes it less likely to break should you use other mods

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