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I'm using nginx+fastcgi via unix socket to my django site. I'm using the following command to start the django site:

python manage.py runfcgi socket=/var/run/fcgi.django.sock method=prefork daemonize=true

How do I make this autostart in the event of reboot or is there some better way of starting the django server?

Also, is what I'm doing best practice? I don't have much experience with python servers so my biggest concern is reliability / performance. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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Have you tried nginx and uWSGI? –  Tadeck Aug 30 '12 at 10:12

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To autostart such a process you need to use a process manager like supervisor. Supervisor will then automatically start your process on system reboot and provide you a central place to manage your custom processes.

Most people prefer the django + nginx + uwsgi or django + nginx + gunicorn stacks.

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