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I am interested in developing a small application which records the desktop. I am aware that in 10.7 and above I can use the AV Foundation to get this done. However, I am really interested in what I can do to get 10.6 compatibility.

10.6.8 came out only just over a year ago and so support for that would be vital.

Other apps like Screenflow etc manage this so how do they go about it?

I can only find a single link to old, removed documentation from Apple about recording via OpenGL. Is this what I should be investigating? Is that link archived anywhere perhaps?

This cannot be done by manually opening Quicktime or something to record; it needs to be part of an app so the user clicks a button in my application and it begins to record.

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Some relevant capture techniques are summarized here:


Once you've got a working screenshot capture engine, just set up a recording frequency, and assemble a sequence of frames (screenshots). You can let the user step through these manually or stitch them into video output.

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To be clear, I'm after OSX not iOS. Also, the problem with stitching lots of screenshots together is that the FPS will be terrible. I can't locate a way of quickly optimising the bitmap data from the screen, which is always huge as it has to capture the entire screen. Any ideas? Thanks! –  Marc Fowler Aug 31 '12 at 8:48

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