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I have a problem as regards the combination of jQuery mobile, phonegap and android regarding the toolbars. To be more precise I would like both my header and footer to remain stable (data-position="fixed") after my input on a text area.

I also include the attribute data-tap-toggle="false" on both header and footer, but after I write something on the text area and return on the page the footer and the header are not "fixed" anymore, and I have to touch the screen again in order to be visible and fixed again.

Any advice? Thank you in advance.

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The best solution (works for me perfectly) is:


It is a combination of jquery mobile with iscroll. Basically, it does all the nasty work joining the 2 mentioned libraries.

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I have the exact same problem on iOS. After several hours, and trying several different things, I went for iScroll. If there was any answer other than this, I would happy to hear.

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I had the same issue on Android 4.0.3 . I had a list with a search box. As soon as I tap the search box for input, the header and footer lost their fixed position. I got a very simple fix work for me.

    $('input[data-type=search]').live("focus", function() {

Hope it works !

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