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I've got a simple piece of HTML, that I retrieve via AJAX. It looks like this:

<div id="hiddencontact">
    <form id="hiddenform"></form>

So, that's stored in the 'data' variable.

Now I try to run this:

$('#hiddencontact', data);

But it does not work. I do not get the div.

This, however, does work, and returns the form to me:

$('#hiddenform', data);

Why is that? Why is the first element being ignored?

Btw: I'm using jquery 1.7.1

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Why is the first element being ignored?

because the root node of data is #hiddencontact itself. So you cannot find it as a nested element

With $('#hiddencontact', data); you're looking for an element nested in data: it would be like searching for $(data).find('#hiddencontact')

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Aha, the problem was that multiple elements where returned, so besides #hiddencontact were a few others. I just wrapped everything up inside a regular div and it works perfectly now. Thanks. –  skerit Aug 30 '12 at 19:49

Simply do this $(data); and you'll get the whole div

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