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I want to use Grails to remotely execute some shells on servers. When I test shells on terminal, everything works fine. But when I use them on Grails, I can not get shells' exitValue. So I checked servers, shells were executed because files(shells just create some files) were created. Some shells execute some time-consuming works(about 5 mins), others execute fast works(15 seconds).

So the situation is I never get response when I execute time-consuming works and for fast works, sometimes I could get response.

Here are some cods samples:

command = "ssh -i ~/keypair -o ConnectTimeout=10 root@ip"

In one thread:

def proc = command.execute() 
task.process = proc 
task.exitValue = proc.exitValue() 
task.stdout =  
task.stderr = proc.err.text

Anyone has any suggestions?

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I would recommend looking at something like –  chrislovecnm Aug 30 '12 at 19:14
How big is the output you're expecting?... if it's larger than the buffer size, you're going to need to spawn a thread (each) to read the output and error streams. When the buffer fills, the spawned process just sits there until you read some of it. –  billjamesdev Sep 1 '12 at 3:54

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