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I have two threads (A and B) + one main thread (C) running. Thread A contains an object that is used for writing to the database. Sometimes Thread B also wants to write to the database.

As I understood for this reason I must create synchronization between thread A and B. If I use Synchronize method in thread B it will do synchronization with main thread C, but not with A. How to deal in this situation?

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Use a serializing lock. On Windows that usually means a critical section object. – David Heffernan Aug 30 '12 at 10:46
tried ? they have a view thread-to-thread sync primitives – Arioch 'The Aug 30 '12 at 13:32
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This is best integrated into the shared service or resource so that both threads do not need to know of each other. Pseudocode:


TSomeService = class
  FLock : TCriticalSection;
  constructor Create;
  destructor Destroy; override;
  procedure UseService;

constructor TSomeService.Create;
FLock := TCriticalSection.Create;

destructor TSomeService.Destroy;
FreeAndNil (FLock);

procedure TSomeService.UseService;
  // ...

This is completely transparent to both threads, so both threads can just call


without bothering with synchronization.

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You can use critical sections to prevent simultaneous access to memory.

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Use some kind of inter-thread comms to signal a message from B to A to write data to the DB. This keeps DB access to one thread. Exact mechanism depends on how thread B normally gets its inputs, (how does it?).

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When it comes to databases, most database components are not thread-safe unless you use database sessions. It is usually better to give each thread its own connection to the database instead and not share connections or components across thread boundaries.

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