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I've found on internet that the exp argument of the function "is typically 3,17, or 65,537".

How I choose it, and what is the difference between using 3,17 and 65,537?

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You should choose your exponent so that it is relatively prime to p-1 for all primes p which divide the modulus. Although you may encounter problems with some libraries if you try to use other values than 3,5,17,257,65537 (Wikipedia offers more details on the RSA key-generation)

Here is a very good description on a related question.

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Here is a good answer to your question: Should RSA public exponent be only in {3, 5, 17, 257 or 65537} due to security considerations?

And if you love math, you could also browse through this:

some math

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I advise to stick to what NIST recommends today in SP 800-56B: the value 65'537 (in truth they recommend any odd positive integer no smaller than that).

The only reasons for choosing lower number (e.g. 3 or 17) are related to:

  • compatibility to existing systems that only support specific public exponents
  • performance issue when verifying a signature or encrypting a payload.

If those are valid concerns for you, you should consider lower exponents, but you should be aware that you become more sensitive to flaws in the RSA implementation.

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