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I am facing an ANTLR problem in a VHDL grammar I wrote. VHDL doesn't have true multiline comments, and no pragmas, so tool vendors invented a comment based mechanism to exclude certain parts of the code, something like

-- pragma translate_off  
code to disregard  
-- pragma translate_on      

('--' introduces a comment in VHDL) where the actual code for the pragma varies, "synopsys translate off" and "rtl translate_off" are known variants.
the part of the ANTLR grammar handling comments is now

@lexer::members {   
    private static final Pattern translateOnPattern = Pattern.compile("\\s*--\\s*(rtl_synthesis\\s+on|(pragma|synthesis|synopsys)\\s+translate(\\s|_)on)\\s*");  
    private static final Pattern translateOffPattern = Pattern.compile("\\s*-- \\s*(rtl_synthesis\\s+off|(pragma|synthesis|synopsys)\\s+translate(\\s|_)off)\\s*");     
    private boolean translateOn = true;
    :   '--' ( ~( '\n' | '\r' ) )*     
        $channel = CHANNEL_COMMENT;   
        String content = getText();  
        Matcher mOn = translateOnPattern.matcher(content);   
        if(mOn.matches()) {
            translateOn = true;
        Matcher mOff = translateOffPattern.matcher(content);   
        if(mOff.matches()) {
            translateOn = false;

The problem is that my comments go to the hidden channel and while I can recognize these pragmas by processing the comment in a lexer action using regex, I have not found a way to direct all coming tokens to the hidden channel until "-- pragma translate_on". Is that possbile or would you generally use a different approach?

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Solved it by overriding nextToken(), but surely there must be a better solution? –  BennyBarns Aug 30 '12 at 13:15
Those comments act like a preprocessor, ideally you should separate your preprocessor from your compiler. –  llemieng Aug 30 '12 at 13:38
That's how I solved it. I added lexer.rec.state.channel = defaultChannel to nextTokenStr() so I could set defaultChannel to active or inactive channels and this allowed ANTLR to still set comments to the hidden channel correctly. –  user597225 Aug 30 '12 at 14:35

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