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Simple example.

Application A has a class library C which is used through out.

Application A uses MEF to discover and load plug in modules P1 and P2 from a plug in directory. One assembly per plug in.

P1 and P2 both have a dependency on C (The class library).

The build process will ensure the version of C used by P1 is identical to the version referenced by A.

I assume that I won't end up with multiple copies of the same assembly loaded at once? By default I end up with a copy of C in the Plugin directory as well as A's application directory.

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To ensure you don't end up with duplicate assemblies, you could change the Copy Local property to false of the contract (C) library in your plugin projects, that way on build, it won't be copied to the output directory.

You should be fine I think, as the CLR won't load the same assembly twice thanks to the Fusion loader rules - the first being to see if the target assembly is already loaded in the AppDomain. BUT, you have to be careful, because any code using Assembly.LoadFrom may result in exceptions occurring if it is actually finding that the assemblies have different locations on disk.

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Yeah, I think I'm going to have a bit of a play and make sure it doesn't do anything silly. I was a bit concerned MEF might override some of the assembly loading events and ... do things... :) Thanks. –  Ian Aug 31 '12 at 13:04

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